Heads up Titanfall gamers, if you were looking forward to new content for the game, you might be pleased to learn that the IMC Rising DLC has been released. The DLC was pegged for a release on the 25th of September and sure enough it looks like the folks at Respawn have delivered.

The DLC will be available to gamers on the Xbox One and the PC where it will be priced at $24.99 for the Titan Season Pass. Alternatively gamers who only wish to get their hands on some of the maps can expect to pay $9.99 for each map. There will be a total of three new maps released in the DLC.

As for Xbox 360 gamers, you guys will have to wait. As we’re sure you might have heard by now, the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall was not developed by Respawn. Instead it has been developed by Bluepoint Games which also means that DLCs and updates for the Xbox 360 version will be released after the Xbox One and PC version.

Like we said, the DLC will introduce three new maps – Zone 18, Backwater, and Sand Trap. They are pretty much just new maps in which players can play in against each other and will win by taking out the other team. If you’re wondering what you can expect, you can check out the IMC Rising gameplay trailer above for the details.

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