Yesterday Microsoft took the stage to unveil the future of its operating system. We were all expecting the company to show off Windows 9, and while it did unveil a new OS, it decided to call it Windows 10 instead. As promised the Windows 10 technical preview download has been released today. Its only meant to provide a glimpse of the new OS and is in no way a finished production.

Microsoft’s vision for the future of Windows is simply described as “one product family, one platform and one store.” Prior to this announcement we had heard many rumors that the company wanted to simply its software offerings and Windows 10 is certainly living proof of that.

While many new features will be available when this OS is released to consumers at some point next year initially the Windows 10 technical preview will only show off Microsoft’s vision for the operating system. The company has repeatedly told the press that the preview only provides a partial look at its next OS iteration.

Those who test out the technical preview will be able to provide feedback to the company and that’s exactly what it’ll be looking for. A preview meant for customers will be released in the first quarter of 2015. As far as the public release of Windows 10 is concerned expect it to be released around mid-2015 at the very least.

The Windows 10 technical preview download is available here.

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