yahoo mail updateWouldn’t it be awesome if your email was more than just a service that would let you read your mail and send messages? Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was more intuitive and could display timely reminders of upcoming events or flights? Well if you agree, you might be interested in checking out Yahoo’s latest update to their mail app.

The company has recently issued an update to their mail app in which Yahoo Mail for iOS and Android is made a lot more intuitive and interactive than before. Like we said earlier, this includes the ability for the app to display your flight information as well as to see whether it might have been delayed or cancelled.

It can even provide directions to the airport. Yahoo Mail will also be able to provide users with contextual information when they land, like suggest places to go check out and where to eat, all of which will be based on reviews from Yelp. The app will also play nicely with events where they will notify you on upcoming events whose tickets you might have bought and also provide you with directions on how to get there.

Now we can’t help but wonder if this is a coincidence. After all Google themselves have announced something similar yesterday in the form of “Inbox”, although with this release, it looks like Yahoo might have beaten Google to the punch. The updated app is available via iTunes or Google Play, but unfortunately most of the new features will be limited to the US for now.

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