apple logoIt does look as though the shares of sapphire manufacturers have seen their prices increase over the past two days by stock market traders in Taiwan. The reason behind this? Whispers have been going around that Apple, the company with more than $700 billion in market capitalization, intends to have another go at using sapphire glass for the displays when it comes to the next iPhone. After all, the intention to use sapphire glass on the Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus did not materialize due to low yields, resulting in the use of an ion-hardened display instead.


If the rumors were to be true then, Apple would be on the lookout for a new partner. So far, a trio of Taiwan-based sapphire companies, Crystalwise Technology Inc., Acme Electronics Corp., and Highlight Tech Corp, saw their shares reach the daily limit of 7%. There is also a report going around that contract manufacturer Foxconn will be the ones who will build the displays in a new factory located right next to an iPhone 6 assembly facility, which helped see some healthy, robust activity where the prices of the stocks are involved.

After all, rumors are also going around that Foxconn has the responsibility to transform the sapphire crystals produced by one of the three Taiwan companies, into sapphire displays that Apple longs to see in the next generation iPhone.

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