The Groups feature on Facebook essentially mirrors the functionality of your News Feed albeit at a smaller scale. Groups can consist of your friends, family members or acquaintances and discussions can revolve around a particular topic or just about anything. This feature is used by nearly 700 million active users who share 2.5 billion photos, posts, comments, likes and more every single month in countless Groups. Facebook sees potential for further growth and for that it has busted out Facebook Groups as a separate mobile application.

Anything and everything that you share in any Group is visible only to the members of that particular group. So introducing a separate app can also be viewed as a move by Facebook to offer another way for users to share stuff with a very tight group of people, without affecting their overall user experience of the world’s biggest social network.

When you fire up the Facebook Groups app you will see all of your Groups in one place. The ones you use most frequently are listed at the top. A new group can be easily created by tapping Create. It is also possible to track group-related notifications from within the app.

The Discover tab will list group suggestions based on the Pages that you’ve liked, as well as factors like where you live and what groups your friends have joined. Those who access Groups through the app will be able to use this feature through desktop and the main Facebook app as well.

Facebook Groups app will be available later today for both iOS and Android.

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