sony-fes-watchAt the end of last week, we did bring you word on how Sony could be working on an e-paper watch. Well, it seems that more light has been shed along the way, where a secret project known as FES from Sony, or Fashion Electronics in full, has managed to pick up more than its originally intended goal of $17,000 over on a Japanese crowdfunding website.

The Fashion Electronics project came into being in September earlier this year, but there was no mention of the Sony brand at all since Sony wanted to check out the real world demand of e-ink wearables as depicted on the website. It took all of just three weeks to meet the initial goal, and has picked up $20,000 from 150 backers along the way.

Sony has since stepped forward to say that the FES watch is their project, but does not want to reveal additional information such as the launch timeline for its devices. Those who have supported the Fashion Electronics project should want to set their calendars to May 2015, as that is when they can expect to receive the long awaited FES Watch. The FES Watch is said to come with two dozen design patterns, and can change with user’s gestures, now how about that for added customization?

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