img_sony-logoElectronic paper, or e-paper in short, is not something that you would want to use on a smartphone, although it works great in an e-book reader setting, hence its name. This energy-efficient display technology does its level best to emulate the reading properties of standard paper, and it might eventually make its way onto a Sony smartwatch soon, at least according to some rumors that have been bandied about. If the rumors were to be true, then Sony might be developing a smartwatch which will make use of patented e-paper-enabled material for its display – and get this, for the wristband, too.

In other words, users of this alleged smartwatch will eventually have the options to customize not only the watch’s face, but also the band according to their whims and fancy. It remains unknown as to whether Sony makes use of color or monochrome e-paper though. Still, one should not see this alleged upcoming wearable timepiece to continue moving on from the current Sony SmartWatch range, but rather, chances are Sony could be using this to be an opportunity to test out whether this device has enough going for it in the market to warrant a longer term investment. Perhaps this move has something to do with Sony wanting to focus on profits in the long run?

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