I am quite sure that the first time you dived into the world of emails, you were so enthralled by it, that you simply could not stop yourself from checking your email from time to time each day. Nowadays, it is more of a drag – where plenty of proverbial “firefighting” needs to go on, that is, to clear out unwanted spam and junk mail from your account, which can end up as a chore. Having said that, IBM intends to help you out in your productivity where emails are concerned with the IBM Verse.

The IBM Verse is an email client which has been specially built in order for it to eliminate as many unwanted elements as possible. In fact, IBM Verse is said to have a certain level of sentience, so to speak, since it is capable of picking up your email habits, and at the same time send the highest-priority people and tasks right to the very top level so that it will minimize the chance of you missing out on an important email.

For instance, you will be aware whenever a key team member at work emailed you, or that you have an upcoming meeting in half an hour’s time. Apart from that, IBM Verse also ensures that more emphasis is placed on collaboration and search, making it more convenient to hunt down a specific file, message or topic. In fact, the future might even see the ability to obtain answers from a Watson thinking supercomputer, now how about that? [Press Release]

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