About a week back Jolla was supposed to make an announcement regarding a new product and that’s when we first heard about the Jolla tablet. The device runs Jolla’s Sailfish OS on a larger form factor though there’s a fair bit of waiting involved if you want to get your hands on this tablet. Jolla is conducting a crowdfunding campaign and its adding stretch goals along the way to bring more capabilities to it. The latest stretch goal is cellular capability, provided that the campaign raises $2.5 million.

Jolla received a great response and it was able to smash through its initial goal of $380,000. So it goes without saying that the tablet is going to get made. One of the first stretch goals to be added to this campaign was the addition of more markets in which the tablet will become available once it goes through production, that goal has already been achieved.

The company is now aiming higher. If the campaign receives more than $2.5 million they’ll add cellular capability, 3.5G, to the tablet. Though if the campaign isn’t able to raise that much there are some other goals as well that will bring additional features to the tablet.

If $1.5 million is raised the Jolla tablet will get support for microSDHC cards up to 128GB and for $1.75 million split-screen multitasking features will be added. With more than ten days still to go in the campaign its likely that at least these goals will be achieved, even if they’re not able to raise $2.5 million.

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