mozilla searchAs some of you guys might have heard, Mozilla recently entered into a partnership with Yahoo in which it will see Yahoo become the new default search engine for the browser. However it seems that Mozilla doesn’t want to cut users off completely from other search engines that they might be more familiar with, such as Google or Bing.

This will arrive in the form as shown in the screenshot above where there will be one-click buttons for various types of search. As you can see, the default search engine will be Yahoo, but at the same time for those who want to try their luck using Google or Bing will just need to type in their query and click either the Google or Bing button.

There will also be shortcuts to various services such as Amazon, eBay, or Wikipedia. Say for example you want to buy a book from Amazon, so typing in the book’s title or author name and clicking Amazon will take you to Amazon directly, as opposed to searching for it and clicking the link which is a two-step process.

Of course for Chrome one could always type Amazon’s URL followed by the TAB key to search within the website, but there is a chance that this is a feature that not many people might be familiar with, or perhaps there are other features of Firefox that one might prefer over other browsers. In any case this new feature is expected to be released in Firefox 34 which at the moment is still in beta.

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