belkin-wemocoffeeFor some of us, a day does not really begin until we actually have our regular cup of coffee, brewed to perfection according to the way that we like it. Having said that, there are many different kinds of coffee makers that are out there in the market, so which particular model would you learn to settle for? Enter the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker which has been enabled with WeMo, making it the first coffeemaker of its kind in the world that has WeMo technology embedded within.


In other words, this particular coffeemaker would enable you to brew, schedule and monitor the device regardless of where you are, as long as you run the WeMo app on a smartphone or tablet of yours. With this WeMo app, you will gain remote access to all of the coffeemaker’s functions and it does away with the programming bit where regular coffeemakers are concerned, and there is also no other need for extra equipment.

The WeMo app will also let one schedule a week’s worth of brew times, and it can also be used to check that the coffeemaker has a full tank of water, or whether the carafe is in place, and heck, why not place reminders at the same time? On the other hand, you will receive alerts on your device whenever the filter needs to be changed, or if the coffeemaker needs some cleaning. The Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker will retail for $149.99 if you’re interested in picking one up. [Press Release]

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