The folks over at the FCC must be pretty busy, especially when the holiday season draws near simply because manufacturers would be rushing to roll out their devices to the masses as soon as possible – and prior to hitting store shelves, they will need to go through the hoops and loops at the FCC. Belkin’s latest device, the Wemo, has arrived at the FCC’s doorsteps, where its filings do point towards a model number F7C028 and the fact that this is a motion sensor in essence. Test reports point towards Wi-Fi connectivity support, but apart from that, very little else is known about the Belkin Wemo.


Chances are the Wemo motion sensor will be one of the myriad of devices of a far larger product range, which makes perfect sense. How else is a motion sensor supposed to work alone, unless it has some cool pop up lasers from the ground or ceiling to incinerate anyone who comes near your cubicle during lunch hour? Hopefully more details will be revealed in due time.

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