nubia-z9Nubia has rolled out some pretty interesting smartphones in the past, but none of them have really taken off in a big way and caused plenty of news channels to focus on the incredibly long queues. Still, there have been some decent smartphones that offer bang for your hard earned buck, and what you see above here is rumored to be the upcoming Nubia Z9 from ZTE, and there is every possibility, too, that this happens to be a handset that has been branded by the e-commerce site known as JingDong.

What makes the alleged Nubia Z9 so interesting to talk about would be its apparently bezel-free face, while the Home button itself does bring back memories of other Nubia models. As for the display, it is touted to measure somewhere in the region of 5.2” to 5.3” (not much room to move about here), and the unit itself is touted to eliminate bezels at the side. In order to make up for the lack of side edges, there will be a larger area located below the screen.

Rumored hardware specifications for this upcoming Nubia handset include a Full HD display, 3GB RAM, a rear shooter with optical image stabilization, among others. Hopefully more details will be revealed in due time.

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