dna-cageDoes it pay to go against the grain? I suppose the answer would be a resounding yes, if you happen to be one who loves to indulge in breakthrough projects and make a name for yourself on the scene. While majority of the bands and musicians out there do happen to roll out their brand new album in the form of MP3s, as well as on other antiquated media such as CD and vinyl, OK Go intends to take the road less traveled. Watch any of their music videos, and you will get a thrust of what I mean. Apart from introducing their upcoming Hungry Ghosts album in MP3, CD and vinyl formats, the band wants to roll it out as DNA, too.

No, you did not read it wrongly – the latest Hungry Ghosts album will arrive in the form of Deoxyribonucleic acid, which will carry their music. This is made possible thanks to the assistance of a biochemist from UCLA, where all of the record’s digital files, which is more or less a bunch of ones and zeroes, have been translated into the genetic code.

Kulash shared, “Legally speaking, it’s unclear whether we will be able to sell the DNA to anyone, or how we would physically get it to them. This stuff is regulated really heavily.” Fans can check out the DNA version of the album as a small vial, where a few drops of water will carry their tunes.

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