paypal-pebbleThe Pebble smartwatch can be said to be moderately successful, although you can be sure that when it comes to the overall design compared to the likes of the Moto 360, it loses out in terms of aesthetics. Still, a relatively broad user base would more often than not translate to having a fair number of apps released for it, and the latest app to hit the Pebble would be the PayPal app.

PayPal intends to make shopping all the more seamless and easier, hence introducing the PayPal app onto the Pebble smartwatch, letting you pick up an order whenever you walk into a store, and then paying for the product in question – all without having to dip your hand into your pocket and to pull out some cash or your credit card.

In other words, Pebble owners with the PayPal app can check-in to pay or pay using a payment code at different retailers, restaurants and other local businesses who currently accept PayPal. Of course, if more and more establishments accept PayPal as another payment alternative, you can be sure the convenience of cashless transactions will continue to grow – perhaps exponentially, who knows? This also denotes the expanding presence of the PayPal app which will now be available across all available wearable platforms, such as the most recent Android Wear devices. [Press Release]

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