Google-Project-Ara-ATAP-640x401Project Ara is a project worth getting excited over. After all thanks to its modular design, it basically allows users to swap parts in and out depending on their needs. For example if you’re not happy with the camera, feel free to swap it out for a better one. Battery not big enough? Swap that out for a larger one. Easy.

Now Project Ara is expected to launch in 2015 and if you’re wondering what kind of modules you can look forward to, it has been revealed that the device could have some health-related modular attachments. Speaking at the Engadget Expand conference, Project Ara head Paul Eremenko demonstrated such attachments.

One of the attachments was a snap-on pulse oximeter which allows the phone to measure oxygen saturation levels in the blood. This is actually pretty big because it basically puts a medical device right in your pocket. It could be used by physicians on the go, EMTs, and so on, especially if they need to get a quick read and don’t have the necessary equipment on them.

As mentioned previously, Google will be hosting a Project Ara market place where it will be similar to the Play Store where all of Project Ara’s modules will be located. So far everything about the project sounds good, but will they be able to deliver and live up to the hype and expectations? We guess we’ll just have to wait until 2015 to find out.

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