russiankeyboardA Russian government agency is currently working on doing their job by enforcing new restrictions on the Internet, and hence, they have enlisted the help of Twitter and Facebook so that representatives from the two Internet companies will drop by Russia to discuss on the new laws that are being formed. According to a spokesman for Russian government media regulator Roscomnadzor, the planned meetings have already been confirmed, where the new laws would make it compulsory for bloggers to register with the government, as well as Internet data which concern Russians to be stored in Russia – and nowhere else.

Nu Wexler, a spokesman on public policy for Twitter, shared, “Our public policy team has discussed a potential trip with the Russian government,” while Facebook has decided to remain mum on the matter when approached.

It looks like some rather testing times might be ahead for tech firms over in Russia, with the plan to ban the iPad and iPhone set to be put in motion on January 1, 2015, while there are also other ‘anti-terrorism’ laws that might make the likes of Skype, Gmail and Facebook illegal. I wonder how the end user in Russia views all of these developments. If you happen to reside in Russia, what are your views on it?

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