gold-curved-samsung-tvSamsung is no stranger to innovation, especially when it comes to the TV space. In fact, they happened to have rolled out Curved UHD TVs in the past to great acclaim, and just to make an even more ostentatious statement, this time around the South Korean consumer electronics giant has introduced a 78” Curved UHD TV that will feature a gold painted back, now how about that for being over the top?

This is of course, not done on a whim or fancy, but rather, they announced it in a partnership with Christie’s so that they can auction off this stunning, gold lacquer-painted 78″ Curved UHD TV. This is truly a work of art (which unfortunately, will become obsolete from the technological viewpoint – albeit it will take some time for that to happen considering how UHD is far from being the standard at this point in time, or the near future for that matter) that will merge innovative technology alongside intricate design.

Expect it to be up for public viewing during the preview of Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction that will kick off this coming November 20th. All proceeds from the sale will end up with Orbis, which so happens to be a global non-governmental organization (NGO) that intends to improve access to high-quality eye health for the masses.

South Korean artist Sung Yong Hong is the one behind the inspiration for this Special Edition 78″ Samsung Curved UHD TV. [Press Release]

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