samsung-curved-oled-tv-hands-on-5We know that when it comes to TVs, both Samsung and LG have dabbled in creating TVs with OLED displays, but unfortunately if you were wondering if Samsung had any new OLED TVs planned for next year, prepare to be disappointed. According to Kim Hyun-seok, Samsung’s head of TV business, it seems that Samsung will not be launching any new OLED TVs in the near future.

Instead it seems that Samsung will be focusing their efforts towards creating UHD TVs with LCD panels. The South Korean tech giant will also be showing off quantum dot LCD TVs next year during CES 2015 which kicks off in the early part of the year, so if you’re fine not having an OLED TV, do check back with us to see what Samsung has in store.

So what about LG? Will LG be following suit? Well it seems that if anything, LG appears to be perfectly happy going on ahead alone in producing OLED panels and OLED-related products. According to an LG spokesman San Kim, “We will put everything into OLED as we are confident that it will replace LCD as the TV standard in the coming years.”

So what do you guys make of Samsung’s move? Are you a bit disappointed that the company will not be showcasing any OLED TVs in the near future? Or are you a fan of the LCD display panels instead?

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