Musician Taylor Swift is having a pretty good week. Her new album, 1989, is out and is likely to have a record sales week. As Spotify subscribers found out that the latest album hadn’t been made available on the streaming service a spokesperson criticized Taylor Swift by saying that her active followers on Spotify “will be disappointed” by her decision to not offer the album. Swift or her people didn’t issue a counter argument, but all of her music that was available on Spotify has been removed.

Swift’s back catalog on Spotify includes her four previous studio albums which more than two million of her active followers on the music streaming service could listen to on demand.

It is not uncommon to see musicians try to sell as many albums as they can first before their latest work is made available on services that allow people to listen to their music on demand by paying a subscription fee per month, whereas the artists get a fraction of the amount in royalties for each play.

Spotify has responded to Swift’s move through a blog post today, expressing hope that she’ll change her mind and join Spotify in “building a new music economy that works for everyone.” Spotify reiterates that it pays nearly 70 percent of its entire revenue back to artists as royalty, to ensure that artists’ right to be paid for their work is well protected.

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