We have been faithfully covering Telltale Games progress with the episodic adaptation of Game of Thrones, which many of us know as a popular HBO series. Having developed episodic titles like The Walking Dead before many fans of this series have placed hope in Telltale Games that it will be able to do just to the characters in the game. You can now make that decision for yourself as purported screenshots from Game of Thrones have leaked online.

Telltale Games has hinted small details about this game at various points, and only recently did it talk about the story in some detail, so we finally found out what we should expect when this title is launched.

The first episode is called Iron from Ice and it features House Forrester, one that doesn’t come up quite as frequently in the TV series. It’ll have five playable characters which make the journey to King’s Landing and to the Wall in order to save the House from extinction which the raging civil war across the realm threatens to do.

The developer has not confirmed the authenticity of these screenshots but they do appear to be in line with Telltale’s usual art-style. Screenshots also reveal that some of the most popular characters from this series, like Tyrion Lannister and Cersei Lannister, will make an appearance at some point. Though they’re not pivotal in the game’s story, it does overlap with seasons 3-5 of the TV series.

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