Game launches haven’t been without drama this year. We find two great examples in Assassin’s Creed Unity and Driveclub. The latter was riddled with issues relating to online gameplay for weeks after its launch. The Assassin’s Creed Unity launch was a disaster to say the least and it has taken three major patches to fix all of the issues to some extent. The Crew is an upcoming racing title published by Ubisoft and its developers are hopeful that the launch will go off without any major hiccups.

Gamers wait for months for these titles to launch so imagine what they go through when the developers push out something that could clearly use some work. This is why we often see many games being delayed, the developers decide to take extra time rather than push out a title that’s not up to the mark.

But we have seen that even when developers have taken extra time the launch hasn’t gone off smoothly. Serkan Hasan, lead designer of The Crew, agrees that while its possible for online games to face “potential issues” at launch, he’s confidence that gamers won’t go through a similar experience with The Crew.

Hasan bases this confidence on the open console beta that ran through Monday to Wednesday, that’s apart from the two closed betas for PC over the summer. This helped them push the infrastructure in real world situations and prepare the game’s servers for the final launch.

The Crew will be finally released this Tuesday.

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