walmart policyThe thing about price matching is that it is great for customers as it means that they get to shop at their favorite store where they might have reward/loyalty points, but pay the same price for a product that’s cheaper in a different store. Walmart had attempted price matching of their own with the Sony PlayStation 4 which unfortunately didn’t work out for them.

If you might recall, Walmart was duped by customers who created fake Amazon listings where they offered the PS4 for $90, thus forcing Walmart to match those prices since it was clearly in line with their policy. Well the bad news for would-be scammers is that Walmart has put an end to it and has announced some changes that would make fake price matching no longer possible.

In a notice published by Walmart on its Twitter account, they announced that the price matching scheme will continue. However they will only match prices with Walmart’s own website as well as 30 select major online retailers. They will not be matching marketplace vendors, third-party sellers, auction sites or other websites that might require a membership.

No word on how much the recent fraud had cost the retailer, but according to a spokesperson who spoke to The Wall Street Journal, it was enough for the retailer to quickly come up with a new policy.

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