During the lawsuit between Apple and Epic, confidential emails were revealed as part of an exhibit. What’s interesting is that based on these emails, it seems that several years ago, Walmart was actually developing its own cloud gaming service that they were pitching to companies such as Epic to try and get Fortnite as one of the available games.

According to the emails, it showed how Walmart was planning to make the service available on computers and with support for third-party launchers like Steam, Uplay, Origin, Epic Games Store, Battle.net, and Bethesda Launcher. The company also pitched it as an “open ecosystem” that would allow gamers to either download the games and play it locally, or stream it.

Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein managed to try the demo which he then told his team that it was a “superior” experience compared to playing games made for Android or iOS. He also revealed that Walmart was planning to sell a smartphone accessory that lets gamers attach a phone to a controller for as little as $2.

That being said, these emails date back to 2019 and now that we’re in 2021 with no Walmart game streaming service in sight, we have to wonder if the company ultimately shelved their plans for the service or if it’s still something they’re actively working on.

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