xiaomi ceoIf you’re still unclear as to who and what Xiaomi is, we can’t say we blame you. After all the majority of the company’s products tend to be available only in China or Asia in general, which is why those of us living stateside or in Europe might not be too exposed to the company. Yet despite their “limited” market, Xiaomi has manage claim the number three spot amongst the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer.

They have even displaced the likes of LG, Sony, Lenovo, HTC, and so on, many of whom were in the game long before the company. Well it looks like the company’s CEO Lei Jun is pretty optimistic about their future and has stated that he believes in the next 5-10 years, Xiaomi will easily topple the likes of both Apple and Samsung and climb to the number one position.

So what makes Xiaomi so appealing? Well for starters price would be a huge pull for would-be customers. The company has been known to create extremely affordable handsets which sees their products sell out within minutes. In fact recently it was revealed that during Singles’ Day in China, Xiaomi managed to pull $163 million in revenue in just half a day alone, so we can only imagine how much they earned during the rest of the day.

Let’s not forget that Xiaomi also has the talent to help them reach that position. It was just last year that ex-Googler Hugo Barra jumped ship to Xiaomi where he now holds the title of Vice President of International. With the market, the right price, and the right people, do you see a future where Xiaomi could topple Apple and Samsung?

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