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As Sony celebrated the PlayStation’s 20th anniversary last week it revealed a limited edition version of its latest console, the PlayStation 4. The company basically gave this limited edition console a paint job that is similar to that of the first PlayStation console. Only 12,300 units of this 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 were ever produced and inventory sold out moments after it went up for sale in the U.S. Naturally, units ended up on eBay, and they’re fetching insane amounts of money.


The official price for 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 was just $499. Those who were lucky enough to purchase one from Sony at this price were really quite lucky, because the folks selling them on eBay are asking for a lot of money.

A simple search on eBay for this console reveals multiple listings with prices ranging between a few thousand dollars per unit. The highest prices I’ve seen are $17,000 and $20,000, for a console that costed only $499 originally, like I said, insane!

It goes without saying that there are enthusiasts out there with pretty deep pockets who wouldn’t think device before spending a few thousand dollars on this limited edition console. Those who are selling them on eBay are certainly going to walk away with a whole lot of money.

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