bandai-r2-d2The little Astromech that could, otherwise known as R2-D2 by all and sundry, has seen its fair share of merchandise sold across the world ever since he broke into mainstream consciousness back in 1977 with the release of Star Wars. Since then, we have seen R2-D2 wear many hats – and this time around, Bandai has come up with a unique R2-D2 3D wall figure which will be as tall as the real deal, standing at 114cm in height as it is placed on a pedestal, and equipped with a motion sensor to boot.

This unique life-sized R2-D2 is special in a sense where it does not only look good and will give a sense of satisfaction to any true blue Star Wars fan, but it will also be equipped with a motion sensor. In other words, the R2-D2 3D wall figure can detect whenever there is someone who walks past it, and it will then voice out a popular Star Wars line. You will not be able to pick this bad boy out in time for Christmas, however, since Bandai will only release it from April 2015 onward, where it will retail for $293 a pop. Pre-orders for it have already started, and it would be nice to see if there are plans to introduce a C-3PO version down the road.

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