Earlier this year the folks at Bandai Namco announced that they would be relaunching the Tamagotchi keychain toy, but at that time it seemed that the device would be only launched in Japan. The good news for those in the US who would love to get their hands on one, Bandai has since announced that they’ll be bringing it stateside.

The launch in the US is part of the toy’s 20th anniversary since it was first launched in the US, and its release will be in limited quantities so you’ll want to move fast if this is your kind of thing. “Like the original Tamagotchi device, the mini Tamagotchi includes six different shell designs from the initial Japanese launch and each one includes six characters. To pay homage to fans, the mini Tamagotchi will also feature the iconic packaging design of the original Tamagotchi device.”

For those unfamiliar with these toys, basically these were virtual pets that existed in an egg-shaped keychain. Gamers would have to take care of it by feeding it, cleaning after it, giving it medicine when it fell sick, and so on, otherwise it would get unhappy and in some instances it would die.

Bandai has tried reviving the IP through various methods in the past, like launching smartphone and smartwatch versions of Tamagotchi, although we’re guessing that maybe for some markets, the fad is long gone. That being said, the Tamagotchi devices will be going on sale soon with a price tag of $15.

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