If you grew up in the 90s, there’s a good chance you might have played the Tamagotchi toy. Given that these days toys have gotten more sophisticated and with smartphones and tablets becoming the new toys for kids, it isn’t surprising that that Tamagotchi has fallen to the wayside in modern times.

Now we have in the past seen attempts to revive it via apps, but for those hankering for the actual thing, you might be interested to learn that Bandai has decided to re-released the Tamagotchi to mark the 20th anniversary since the toy had launched back in 1996/1997 (depending on where you were).

For the most part the toy appears to be similar to the original in terms of design and colors. It will also keep the monochromatic screen, but the main difference here is that the toys are now considerably smaller than the original and are roughly half the size. We’re not sure who would want these toys save for collectors or those who want to relive nostalgia, but they are currently only available in Japan for about $18 each.

No word on whether they’ll find their way stateside or if you’ll be able to import it, but we suppose that’s always possible if you really, really want one.

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