android-qi-chargerNow here is something that you might want to skip on when as a DIY project, unless you have the cojones to go ahead with it. A Redditor who carries the moniker PAY_CLOSE_ATTENTION has put up a fair number of photos of what has been described to be a “$7 ghetto totally-not-a-fire-hazard Qi charger,” although one does wonder whether it will live up to its purported reputation or not. After all, it does look, on paper, to carry a fair number of risks where a DIY project is concerned.

Basically, this Android fan managed to obtain several modules from Alibaba which will see action in the wood-encased wireless charger. When the user’s Android phone’s charging port broke, time was of the essence, hence some improvisation was called upon rather than to come up with a nice wooden case for the modules.

As the end result, one has a Qi wireless charger which is not only fully functional, but it comes encased in cardboard – and chances are, this is a fire hazard. Needless to say, one should see this to be a stopgap measure instead of a permanent solution. Definitely not something you would want to give it a go, as there are far better ways to enjoy a fire this Christmas.

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