Google has announced today that it is rolling out high-resolution 3D imagery on Google Maps as well as Google Earth. In order to view the high-res imagery you simply have to access the Earth View mode on Maps or Earth. Initially this is limited to New York City and San Francisco, but Google promises that improved imagery will be added for many other cities in the coming weeks and months.

Comparison shots of the Statue of Liberty, in New York City, show the stark difference. Clearly the high-res 3D imagery is the winner here, so if you like to fly around the world with Maps or Earth and take in 3D reconstructions of famous buildings and landmarks, the experience certainly got a lot better for you.

How is this possible, you ask? Google explains that using better algorithms and cameras allows it to create these higher fidelity cityscapes with “a new level of realism.”

Eagle-eyed users will notice that not only these new images look much better, but they’re more in tune with the times. For example, its possible to check out a high-res 3D reconstruction of the new Bay Bridge in San Francisco.

Not only is this accessible from the desktop versions of these services, those who have fairly recent smartphones or tablets will be able to access this through the Google Maps or Google Earth apps on their mobile device as well.

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