uberUber has definitely come under scrutiny in several countries, having been banned or sued for “unfair competition”. Well, it seems that an Uber driver has been charged with vehicular manslaughter after being accused of hitting – and of course, killing a 6-year-old on New Year’s Eve over in San Francisco.


Syed Muzzafar was hit with the charge on Monday by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, where he is set to be arraigned on Wednesday. According to Uber, Muzzafar was off-duty at the time at that particular time, and subsequently after, he was banned by Uber themselves. the victim’s family has filed for wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits against both Uber and Muzzafar in January earlier this year.

Liu’s (the victim) family claims that Uber has not been “held responsible”. What do you think of this particular response, and would it be the same if he was any other ordinary driver with a different company? Uber did issue a short statement after the girl’s death, where it read in part, “the driver in question was not providing services on the Uber system during the time of the accident.” What do you make of it all? Will this dent Uber’s image in the eyes of the masses?

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