gitd-hpI must say, the human imagination is certainly one that trumps many adversities along the way, and many a time, it has overcome the seemingly impossible. There are moments, however, that does lead one to think – how the heck did I not figure that out before? We all have our eureka moments, and Hungarian design student Kincső Nagy must have experienced one too, having thought up of – and creating this unique Harry Potter reading experience which could very well be a whole lot more engaging compared to the original.

Doing this not out of passion, but because this is part of a university project, Nagy actually took on the task of redesigning the covers for each novel in the epic seven-part series, featuring laser-cut shapes out of black paper covers, which will offer the entire collection a minimalist feel.

Nagy shared, “These books are on the border of childhood, therefore my goal was to redesign them with illustrations that reflect this extraordinary atmosphere.” Apart from that, there is one interesting aspect about Nagy’s work – all of them sport covers that glow in the dark, which is certainly a novelty, but one that works very well taking into consideration the nature of this book series.

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