Google-EarthWhen Google introduced the Earth API to the masses, that happened more than half a dozen years back. The whole idea of the Google Earth API was to facilitate developers by opening up an opportunity for them to construct 3D mapping applications in their browsers, all the while making use of JavaScript. It seems that all good things must come to an end eventually, and Google has announced that this API will be shut down next year – although it will feel like it is a long way away with the slated December 12, 2015 date.

One of the major reasons for the ceasing of the Google Earth API would be browsers not making use of the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) for security reasons. Chrome and Firefox did announce that they will no longer support the framework approximately two months back, and since Earth’s API happens to be built on this plugin, the cessation of NPAPI would result in the natural death of the Google Earth API.

Of course, with usage figures of the Earth API dropping drastically from 9.1% in September 2013 to a mere 0.1% in October this year, that too, played quite a factor. Google Earth API, you won’t be missed. [Press Release]

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