htc-desire-eye-hands-on-3While manufacturers such as Samsung have been busy churning out a range of smartphones from high-end to low-end, the same level of enthusiasm has not been seen from HTC. The company had released their flagship smartphone the HTC One M8 earlier this year followed by a handful of low-mid range devices, but nothing to shout about in particular.

Well it looks like the Taiwanese company is thinking that maybe flooding the market with low-end smartphones could be the key to gaining more market share, at least as far as emerging markets are concerned. This was revealed by Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia in which he said that the company was looking to produce more entry-level 4G handsets in the North Asian region come first quarter of 2015.

This sounds like a good idea as it is a technique that has been successfully used by other smartphone OEMs such as Samsung, or more notably companies like Xiaomi, a company known for their low-mid range handsets with extremely affordable prices. Assuming that this is indeed HTC’s strategy for North Asia, they would certainly be up against some stiff competition.

HTC is expected to launch the follow up to their HTC One M8 come 2015. The device is codenamed “Hima” and could feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and a larger camera sensor, which oddly enough seems to have deviated from HTC’s UltraPixel setup, but either way we will find out more in 2015. In the meantime how do you guys think HTC will fare in the new year?

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