huawei-mate-2-review-09-cameraThere aren’t many Windows Phone OEMs at the moment, and prior to Microsoft officially absorbing Nokia into the company and doing away with the Nokia brand, Nokia was one of the main companies responsible for putting out Windows Phone handsets. There were other companies too such as Samsung and Huawei.


In fact Huawei even had plans to create a dual-booting Android/Windows Phone handset, but later changed their minds. So why did they change their minds? Well speaking during an interview with The Seattle Times, Huawei’s head of international media affairs Joe Kelly basically said that there was no money to be made with Windows Phone.

According to Kelly, it seems that the company’s previous attempts at Windows Phone handsets did not yield any financial fruits, which is why they decided to scrap their plans for a dual-booting Android/Windows Phone handset. “We didn’t make any money in Windows Phone. Nobody made any money in Windows Phone.”

However Microsoft has many partners that they are working with. For example earlier this year they announced additional partners with the likes of Foxconn, Lenovo, ZTE, and so on. Will Windows 10 be what changes the mind of OEMs and developers in the future? We guess we will have to wait and see.

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