lenovo-yoga-3-11-deLenovo certainly does look as though they would like to expand on the entire Yoga range with more and more models, and we cannot blame them for doing so. After all, it is pretty fun turning a notebook into that of a tablet form factor, and the tent mode does come in handy whenever you would like to watch a movie while you are on the move – all without having to actually hold the device in your hands. Well, it looks like there is a smaller Yoga model that is in the pipeline, although this one ought to share a fair number of design considerations with that of the Yoga 3 Pro. I am referring to the Yoga 3 11 that will most probably arrive with a smaller 11.6” display.

It seems that there have been several retail listings spotted for the Lenovo Yoga 3 11, not to mention an FCC filing making an appearance that does point to the possibility that the Yoga 3 11 will resemble a whole lot like that of the Yoga 3 Pro. Apart from that, there is also a Yoga 3 11 page that is located on the Lenovo Germany website, albeit for the fact that information concerning the device remains more or less scant – with an image of the wrong computer being put up as a placeholder. One can hazard a guess that European prices ought to settle down in the region of 599 € to 999 € thereabouts.

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