body cameraRecently there has been a lot of debate going on regarding police shootings, and perhaps to ensure that police are held more accountable, and also to protect them for false witnesses, law enforcement officials have started to outfit their police officers with body cameras. New York had recently begun to do that, and now Los Angeles’ police department recently announced their plans to outfit their officers with body cameras as well.

Los Angeles’ Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that the city had signed a contract to buy 400 Axon cameras made by Taser. An additional 6,200 cameras are expected to be bought later on and will be worked into 2015’s budget. The cameras are said to be used in places where there is high police activity.

In a statement issued by Garcetti, “Out on the street, things aren’t always clear cut. These cameras will help law enforcement and the public alike find the truth — and truth is essential to the trust between the LAPD and the community, which has been a key factor in lowering crime to record lows.”

These cities aren’t the first start implementing body cameras. In fact earlier this month President Obama announced plans to help fund the use of body cameras. Meanwhile over in London, England, police have also started to equip themselves with body cameras.

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