nokia-lumia-735__02Back in September Microsoft unveiled the Lumia 735 and a recent FCC sighting had us believing that the handset would be released on Verizon’s network in the near future, but where is the handset? Well oddly enough some have noticed that the dedicated website that Microsoft had setup for the phone has now been taken down.

Prior to this, the page basically described the Lumia 735 in full and boasted about the phone’s selfie-taking prowess. There was even a registration page in which users could put down their emails to be notified when the handset was made available for sale, but at the moment there is nothing.

When Microsoft was reached out for a comment, they replied with the boilerplate statement about not commenting on rumors or speculation. In fact this mysterious disappearance of the Lumia 735 for the US market seems to be in line with an earlier report in which it was suggested that the phone would possibly be delayed until 2015.

Perhaps Microsoft plans on making an announcement at CES/MWC 2015, but either way we will be keeping our eyes peeled for more information, so be sure to check back with us then for the details. In the meantime anyone else find it a little odd that the handset has yet to be launched?

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