mars-speakerNow here is an interesting new “toy” that you might want to check out – I am referring to the Mars levitating speaker that will boast of a UFO-style disc. This unique disc will actually float above a sleek black subwoofer column, as though it were hanging there by an invisible thread or magic. Interestingly enough, the Mars speaker is accepting pre-orders at the moment via Indiegogo, where it comprises of a two-part Bluetooth speaker.

The cylindrical base would function as the subwoofer, while the UFO-shaped disc which remains floating on top will deliver the mid to high-end sounds. The disc is full well capable of taking to the air, courtesy of its magnetic technology that hail from Crazybaby. Apart from that, the folks over at Crazybaby claim that the levitation capability is the one that delivers superior audio, although this is something that we will have to listen for ourselves to determine whether that is true or not. The reasoning behind that? This speaker does not need to sit on a surface, so having it float in the air would mean that sound is not lost via transference to materials that touch it. Apart from that, the round shape that levitates does not have a front or back, and would be able to deliver audio equally to everyone gathered nearby.

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