sony pictures hacked

Last week Sony Pictures became the victim of a cyberattack. Top secret files of the company were compromised and some were even leaked online. Hackers also obtained copies of unreleased movies which quickly spread online through torrent sites. Sony Pictures began investigating a possible link of the hack with North Korea. When asked about the matter, while not confirming anything, North Korea is also no denying any involvement with the Sony Pictures hack.

When asked about the matter, a spokesman for the North Korean government said that “The hostile forces are relating everything to the DPRK (North Korea). I kindly advise you to just wait and see.”

That’s as vague a statement as you can make. Links with North Korea are being investigated because Sony Pictures has a movie coming up where the plot is the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un by two journalists sent to the Hermit Kingdom to interview him, with an ulterior motive aided by the CIA.

North Korea has already expressed its reservation over this movie, called The Interview, multiple times going so far as to call it “undisguised sponsoring of terrorism.”

The FBI is also investigating the matter but no formal announcement has been made yet regarding the people behind this hack.

Moreover, security companies investigating the attack have found code similar to that found when several South Korean entities were targeted, which was also believed to be the work of North Korea.

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