mynewpalm-logo-touchpadWhile Palm used to be a pretty big name back in the day, we haven’t really heard much about the company ever since HP bought its patents and tried to launch webOS-based devices, but could Palm be getting a resurrection? Well according to reports, there is a good chance we could be looking at the revival of the brand.

According to the folks at Android Central, Alcatel Onetouch has reportedly purchased the trademarks to the Palm brand from HP, suggesting that the company could be interested in launching a series of Palm-branded products. However the company has yet to confirm these reports so we can’t be 100% sure how accurate they are.

That being said there is some evidence of Palm’s revival. The URL to the company’s website has recently started to redirect traffic to a new URL called “mynewpalm” which once again hints at a revival of the brand. A couple of weeks later, a new Palm logo and a banner that reads “Coming soon” was spotted, but once again nothing else was revealed.

It will interesting to see what will become of the Palm brand and with CES and MWC 2015 around the corner, perhaps we will learn more about the future of Palm then, but in the meantime what do you guys think? Would you care to see Palm being revived?

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