At the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 Sony announced a new game streaming service called PlayStation Now. This service can be used to stream games over the internet without having to purchase a separate console. PlayStation Now is still in its infancy and the list of titles is limited but Sony certainly sees potential, and so does Samsung. Both companies have jointly announced today that select Samsung Smart TVs will be able to stream PlayStation Now games starting next year.

This partnership makes Samsung the first third-party OEM to get a license for PS Now streaming. Previously this service could only be used on Sony’s TVs and consoles, enabling PS4 owners to play PS3 games, even though the new console is not backwards compatible.

Certain Samsung Smart TVs will come with a PS Now application. Those who want to use the service only need to launch the application and they will also require a pretty strong internet connection. The price plan for PlayStation Now has been out for a while now but many hope that Sony will tweak it to more this service more affordable.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2015, which is less than two weeks away, PlayStation Now streaming will be demonstrated for the first time on Samsung TVs.

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