psnAs many gamers have probably figured out for themselves, Sony’s PSN and Microsoft’s Xbox Live were hacked over Christmas, effectively preventing them from playing their games online. Now both Xbox Live and PSN are back online and the group claiming responsibility for the hacks have promised to stop.

However it seems that there are still issues plaguing Sony’s PSN. This was confirmed by Sony on the PlayStation Knowledge Center in which the company admitted that gamers were still experiencing “intermittent connectivity” to the PlayStation Network. It is unclear as to why this is still the case as the hacks have reportedly stopped, but for now it is still an issue.

The folks at Polygon claim that they were able to sign into PSN via the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and the PS Vita, but were unable to get the PlayStation Store or their friends list to display. It took a few minutes before it did show up and their report claims that their friends list is fluctuating wildly, suggesting that the connection isn’t quite as stable yet.

For users that are still experiencing issues connecting to PSN, Sony has suggested that they try to tweak their MTU settings in the console’s network configuration which could help to get them connected, but otherwise we guess we’ll just have to wait until Sony sorts it all out.

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