psnAs many gamers who use Sony or Microsoft’s gaming services have noticed, both PSN and Xbox Live were taken offline during Christmas due to the attacks of a hacker group who call themselves the Lizard Squad. Now it appears that the hacks have stopped and that the services are back online, but we’re sure many are wondering when the next hack will be.

The good news is that the Lizard Squad has decided to call it quits on the Sony and Xbox hacks. This is according to the group who confirmed that they will not be hacking Xbox Live or PSN anymore, which means that if and when either services are hacked, they will probably be at the hands of another hacker, assuming that the Lizard Squad keeps to their word.

For those hearing about this for the first time, Xbox Live and PSN were hacked over the holidays, ultimately preventing many gamers from being able to enjoy their games online. Given that many gamers were off school and work, this was the perfect opportunity to get some gaming time in.

Mega’s Kim Dotcom recently claimed that he was the one who managed to get the Lizard Squad to stop attacking these services by giving the group hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards. In any case it appears that the hacks have ceased and that both services are back online, although there could still be some issues persisting.

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