samsung logo 4Imagine this – you spend hundreds of dollars on a brand new smartphone which means that you expect the device to be completely brand new all over, but later you find out that the company making your smartphone has used recycled components instead which essentially means you’re paying full price for a refurbished product.

You probably can’t be too happy about this, right? Well it seems that there have been some wild accusations lobbed at Samsung’s direction, claiming that the South Korean company uses recycled AMOLED displays in its new products. The rumor claims to have obtained photos which shows off Samsung’s assembly line in which the recycled panels are used.

Well thankfully the rumors don’t appear to be true, at least not according to Samsung who has recently issued a statement of their own clarifying the matter. According to Samsung’s statement, “There is a rumor that we have used recycled AMOLED display panels in our smartphones, but it is not true at all. Recycled AMOLED display panels have not been used at all in product manufacturing processes, while some of the panels have been employed for paid warranty services.”

For those wondering about that last line, it seems that Samsung offers customers an option of either going for a brand new display or a recycled one during the fixing process. Choosing the recycled option will result in lower prices for customers looking to repair their phones.

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