The iPhones that Apple released this year brought the biggest jump in display size yet for Apple’s smartphones. iPhone 6 Plus is most definitely in the phablet category with a 5.5-inch display. Apple is said to have made this shift to appease customers who have been demanding an increase in display size, so would the company look back? Apparently so, at least that’s what the rumor mill will have you believing.

It has already been rumored that Apple is going to release a small iPhone in the coming year. The device is expected to have a 4-inch display, the same size as the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c.

Another rumor from MobileWorldLive reiterates the same. The reason why Apple will be willing to do this is claimed to be strong sales of the iPhone 5s even though it have been a few months since the new iPhones came out.

So with this 4-inch iPhone, Apple is also rumored to include NFC and fingerprint scanning technology which would not only add Touch ID but also make the smaller iPhone compatible with Apple Pay, the company’s relatively new payments system.

As far as the release date is concerned, rumor has it that Apple will make an announcement when it launches the Apple Watch in the coming year. That is expected to happen around spring 2015. As usual, Apple has not commented on these rumors.

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