Earlier this month Sony was hit with a major cyberattack which took down the company’s computer network, crippling the day to day operations as even the company email had stopped working. In the aftermath Sony not only had to run the business, it had to do damage control and work hard to get the systems running again. Sony busted out its old BlackBerry handsets just to get things rolling again.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that old BlackBerry devices came out at Sony after the hacked knocked the computer systems down, even making email unusable. As you may remember BlackBerry used to own the corporate/business sector at one point so its not surprising that they had units just waiting to be picked up in an emergency.

Sony’s hacking debacle brought some good press for this Canadian manufacturer. BlackBerry has always had great pride in the security of its devices and services, data is encrypted on devices and the company operates servers for clients all around the world.

In an interview with CNBC this month BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that it is proven that “BlackBerry devices and the server are a lot more secure than any other solutions out there commercially available.”

BlackBerry has been hard at work trying to win back its customers in business and government. It recently launched the BB Classic which is inspired by the very popular Bold 9900, and is aimed squarely at such users.

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