Samsung ATIV S Neo

It has been a couple of months since Microsoft released Windows Phone 8.1 for all supported devices. However, one must always factor in carrier delays when trying to figure out when a new software update is going to land. Its no different with Windows Phone 8.1, which may have landed on AT&T’s ATIV S Neo last month, but has taken until today for Sprint to roll it out. Samsung ATIV S Neo owners on Sprint will now start receiving an over-the-air update which brings up their device to the latest iteration of Microsoft’s mobile platform.

The update carries firmware version 2216.14.11.2 and bumps up the core OS to Windows Phone 8.1. There aren’t any additional changes included in the update, but then again, WP8.1 is a massive update in and of itself.

It adds a plethora of new features to the device, including but not limited to Cortana, which is Microsoft’s virtual private assistant for Windows Phone. Support for folders and wallpapers on Start screen, Action Center, VPN support, refreshed native apps, swipe typing and more is all included in this major update.

Since the update is being released over-the-air, it may take a couple of days to go live across all regions. Sprint has finally rolled out this update, its WP lineup isn’t stellar as it is, at least existing users can now take advantage of the latest features. The carrier has already stopped selling Windows Phone devices online, but commits to continue support for the platform.

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