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Didn’t like Sony’s decision to pull the theatrical release of The Interview originally scheduled for Christmas Day? Well you just might be able to catch a show. Some of the major theater chains have decided not to screen Sony’s controversial movie, the movie is the reason why this studio was hit with a brutal cyberattack, but it has just been confirmed that Sony has allowed some The Interview screenings.

The first report came from Tim League from Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, a theater chain based in Texas, on Twitter where he wrote that Sony has authorized screenings of the aforementioned movie on Christmas Day. Select Drafthouse theaters will screen this movie and tickets have already gone up for sale.

Another tweet reconfirmed Sony’s decision. This one came from a popular theater in Georgia, Plaza Atlanta, which will screen The Interview on 12/25, making it one of the few theaters in the country to show Sony’s new movie.

Subsequent reports suggest that Sony is also going to unveil a proper theatrical release and VOD strategy. Promotional pages on social media, which had been taken offline in the wake of the hack, are now coming back online as well.

For now details are slim about a nationwide theatrical release, but if you live closeby to one of the few cinemas that will be opening The Interview on Christmas Day, better rush out and buy the tickets because people are likely to line up to watch the movie that made international headlines.

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